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Introduction to Links and Credits

Throughout history man has been indebted to man and I am no exception, for I have traveled Wales, England and even Scotland in the quest for information, dates and facts for an historical book I attempting to write, although this website seems to occupy more and more of my time now.

My time spent researching for those items has introduced me to some remarkable people in Libraries, Castles, Universities and Institutions. However, none have been more remarkable than those that I have communicated with on the internet.

Everyone that I have met and talked to, both here and physically have always been keen to help. Whether it was with details of an event in history or technical help in the building of this website. To each and everyone one of you I express my sincere thanks.

The aforesaid statements dear visitor is the reason for this section, for I wish to give Credit and Acknowledgement to those that have helped me both with my book, from which details for this website have been drawn, and for the construction of this website(s). (this is the tenth edition)

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